The microblading alternative fills in gaps in brows, the noninvasive way.


“The latest Brow trend is a treatment that involves giving brows new shape by setting the hairs in pace.”

Patch Test
A patch test is required 24 hours prior to the Lash Lift treatment, and I cannot perform any lash treatments without one. 


– Keep eyebrows dry for 24 to 48 hours after the procedure.
– Do not apply makeup to eyebrows for 24 hours after the procedure.
– Do not have a hot bath/shower or use a sauna, steam room or swimming pool for 24
– Do not sunbed or use a solarium for 24 hours.
– Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing over the area for 24 hours.
– Do not apply Retin-A, AHA (“alpha-hydroxy acids”), and do not exfoliate the brow area
for at least 72 hours before or after the brow treatment.
– Do not apply any perfumed or self-tanning products to the waxed area.
– Gently comb hairs back into place daily.


* includes brow lamination, tint and wax/tweeze shape



A picture speaks a thousand words…

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IMG_4711 IMG_4710
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Questions and Answers

The Brow Lamination treatment will always include a customised tint and wax/tweeze shape

Brow lamination works for most eyebrow shapes and styles, from full to sparse, so is ideal for
anyone looking to improve the shape of their brows.

A professional eyebrow lamination treatment will tame and keep your brows in shape for usually
up to 2 months.

Once laminated, I would advise keeping them dry for 24 hours after treatment to avoid water on
the brow area. Moving forward, apply a brow gel or brow soap to keep them in place. To keep
up your lamination, get them redone every 10 weeks

Yes, it’s a perfectly safe treatment.

Yes if it’s within 24 hours of the treatment and by washing with water.

Brow lamination is a restructuring process of the hairs whereas a brow tint is a process of
changing the colour of the brow hairs

No, brow lamination is a temporary change of the natural brow hair position whereas
Microblading is a procedure using a blade to implement pigment into the skin mimicking natural
hair strokes

The main difference is that a brow perm uses a stronger solution compared to brow lamination.
A traditional perm solution can be considered more harsh on your skin and brow hairs
compared to lamination.